How many times have you said “I wonder?” I wonder who that is?I wonder how that works?I wonder what that is? Those kinds of singular statements have the capacity to unlock our minds, beings and lead us down all sorts of rabbit holes of exploring that wonder.  Those rabbit holes can be fantastical, mind blowing, weird, ugly, haunting, shocking and/or exactly what we were looking for and often times surprisingly what we didn’t expect to find. We pursue this impulse of wonder, we search, we find, a fast or slow process but a continuum, wonder does not require a time keeper anyway.  We wander around with this wonder all our lives, we may lose it for a time but it is built into us as human beings, always there ready to be ignited. Wonder opens, uniquely touches and is our souls curiosity.  So we explore and experiment with it and move it from the head and into the body. Wonder is a key to unlocking knowledge and gaining wisdom. Knowledge, put into practice is wisdom. Wisdom is experiential! Wisdom is felt. Societally I believe we need to shift from valuing academic knowledge above everything else.  Academic smarts need to be balanced out with honoring wisdom.  We can balance our thirst for knowledge with the wonder of wisdom.  Experiencing something is powerful, when we feel it deep down, up and all around the core of our being.  We all know the “feeling”. We move beyond the Descartian mantra “i think, therefore i am.” into “i feel and experience therefore I am”. We need more wisdom, to hear, feel, see it in ourselves, our leaders and communities.  We need to remember how WONDER FULL we are.  Be wise, we have a lot of wisdom stored up in our beings.  If we just store it all in the mind it remains there, theoretical.  May you wonder and wander deeply, beyond time, space, paradigms, borders, creed, societal norms, beyond thought. Feel it and Be the visionary you were born to be in your own life  Wonder away and be wise. Have a wonderful day.