Human potential…we have so much! Part of this potential is that we are each others refuge. Together we can be home, build home, sustain home on this planet with each other. How many times have i received comfort and belonging from someone beyond many times!! In a friend, a stranger, my husband, children, family, a community gathering! This is our power, to hold and elevate each other and it is real. We have all felt it, now is the time to build on that feeling and come together and hold each other in these loving hearts and arms we have been given. We are amazing together!  Yogi Bhajan said, “Group consciousness will elevate you.” This is why we gather,to receive and be received.
We belong together and our potential when together is elevation. Our capacity to heal and hold one another is great and a gift. Believe it, own it…you know why….cause the alternative of hate, separation, scarcity, tyranny and fear SUCK.

Much love, Kasia (Seva Akal Kaur)