Welcome to 2023.  Here for the experience.
Music, sound and singing always. Movement inspired by the moment and all the yoga and dance traditions I have studied.  Poetry, meditation, silence, humor, inspiration, vulnerability.  All are welcome and respected here. Classes are suitable for all levels.

My vision is that these classes offer you sanctuary, a place to ground and gain perspective.  There is a space for you here to feel all the feels, learn, grow and find support.

Upcoming Classes: TBA

Movement as a Tool for Personal Transformation

In the classes I teach I call on all of the various practices I have studied over the years to weave together a collective, life affirming, communal and personal experience.  We use specific tools such as music, meditation, breathwork, kundalini, hatha yoga and functional movement. 
My intention in each class is to tune the body, mind and spirit up and on, so that you can live in this physical realm to the fullest. Come and get creative, feel good in your body and and feel more supported in your inner and outer work.
With over 25 years of experience in comparative religion, art, music, body work and various movement based practices my artistry is sharing what I have learned and continue to learn.

Classes are for all those interesting in deepening connection to community, self and an oppourtunity to sit with one’s inner life.  Those who wish to explore a ways of understanding and moving one’s body though these challenging times and who are looking for a new framework in which to find balance, peace and support.

Your spot in class.

  • BYO Mats, Props, Pillows, Shawls, Blankets, Blocks and filled water bottle.



Discover a workshop or a class that suits you. Kundalini can be for everyone. If you are called to do this practice, we are here for you.