Welcome to the Spring 2020 Schedule.

Spring Kundalini Yoga Schedule 2020

The vision is to create an inclusive and welcoming environment in which to come together and do Kundalini Yoga and Meditation together.

You have probably seen lots of people using Zoom as a meeting and workshop platform. You may have tuned in to one of my live streams on Facebook over the past … almost three weeks of the COVID 19 Isolation! I’ve been fine tuning all aspects of this type of class, with the lighting sound, live music, energetic engagement through much greater distances, investing in bandwidth and signal strength to be able to bring you the best quality online classes I can.
Many of you, and a few new folks, have reached out as well and expressed how these classes are exactly what is needed in what can be a strange and stressful period of our collective lives.
So, we will be doing our classes, together. We will be using Zoom, which I encourage you to download to your PC or phone. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a few simple instructions, people can just click their way into a class without any extra help or tech. We’ve been fine tuning this as well, and over the weekend I will be sending Zoom meeting links to everyone.
It works best if you install the Zoom client software on your device (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever). If you follow the link above in a browser, look to the upper right hand corner for “Resources”, then select “Download Zoom Client”. Then when I send you the link to your class it will be seamless. Likewise, you can find the Zoom client in the Google Play store or App Store, and download to your handheld, if that’s the way you want to fly. Here’s the link again just in case:
I’ll repeat these instructions again when you get your individual class invitation.
What is awesome about this session is that I will be providing everyone with links to all weekly classes. That way you can pop into class whenever you are able to come. I realize all your schedules are out the window with our new way of living!

This is the Yoga you have been waiting for and invite to come and find what you have been searching for. Through movement, music, meditation and breath work we work through our stuff, connect to our life fore, realize our purpose however big or small, find peace and community! Kundalini Yoga is a powerful tool for life that fuses ancient yogic, tantric and eastern wisdom with a new evolution of movements, sound and meditation. It works, it works fast and you can feel. Let us come together, meditate, move, sing, heal and transform together. This is the moment.

Tuesday  10:00am – 11:30am

Tuesday  7:00pm – 8:30pm

Thursday 5:30am to 6:45am(3 week session only)

Thursday  10:00am – 11:30am

Kundalini Yoga is for everyone! A unique practice, it is a uplifting blend of physical postures, spiritual guidance, dynamic breath work, meditations and mantras to understand and elevate the mind and human experience. Build your vitality and awaken and expand your consciousness.

All are welcome, experienced or first timers. If you are called to do this practice, we are here for you. Join this beautiful growing community of belonging!!

All Tuesday classes are a 9 Week Session.

Start Date: April 7th( no break for travel)

End Date: June 2nd

Class Cost: 162$ plus HST, 183.06$

Thursday classes are a 10 Week Session.

Start Date: April 9th (no break for travel.)

End Date: June 11th

Class Cost: 180$ plus HST, 203.40$

New Thursday 3 Week Early Morning Session.

Start Date: April 9th

End Date: April 23rd

Class Cost: 54$ plus HST, 61.02$

Full sessions can be purchased on this site directly. Payment can be made by Visa on this site, e-transfer to or cash (please contact me to make arrangements). Payment reserves your spot in class and is non-refundable.

Drop-in spots will be available throughout the term when there is space. To reserve a drop-in spot and make a payment, please email and e-transfer to The fee is $20 plus HST per class. In the message, please include your full name and the date of the class you want to attend.

Make Up Classes: You can make up a class ONLY within the season you have registered for. Classes cannot be carried over into subsequent yoga seasons. To arrange for a make up class, simply contact Kasia at

We believe that yoga should be accessible to everyone, financial assistance is available.  Please contact me at and we can come up with a way to serve you.

All the love,
Kasia (Seva Akal)

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Sadhana means daily spiritual practice and it is one of the foundations of Kundalini Yoga.   It is about dedicating and putting effort into your own deep personal connection and purpose every day.  It is the ultimate self-care and wellness practice.   It can be done alone or in a group.  For practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, the early morning hours (typically between 4 and 6 am or 2.5 hours before sunrise) is considered the most optimal time practice.  Known as the Amrit Vela or the ambrosial hours, it is a beautiful time of quiet and stillness before the hustle of the day gets started. Early morning Sadhana is about coming together as a community and doing our practice together.


Sadhana is a gathering, not a classic teacher/student class format and is free of cost practice. 

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Discover a workshop or a class that suits you. Kundalini can be for everyone. If you are called to do this practice, we are here for you.