Early Morning Kundalini Sadhana (FREE) – April 24th | 5 – 6:30 am


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A  free monthly community gathering.
Sadhana means daily spiritual practice and it is one of the foundations of many spiritual traditions around the world.   It is about dedicating and putting effort into your own deep personal connection and purpose every day.  It is the ultimate self-care and wellness practice.   It can be done alone or in a group.  For practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, the early morning hours typically between 4 and 6 am or 2.5 hours before sunrise are considered the most optimal time practice.  Known as the Amrit Vela or the ambrosial hours, it is a beautiful time of quiet and stillness before the hustle of the day gets started. Early morning Sadhana is about coming together as a community and doing our practice together.
Sadhana is a gathering, not a classic teacher/student class format and is free of cost practice.
Who’s in?
What to expect
We will do a Kriya(set of exercises), followed by a meditation and mantra practice. This is not about being taught, it is about having a chance to do your personal work within the context of a community of people in the quiet and stillness of the early morning.
Enter and set up your spot quietly and once organized meditate in a position of your choice while waiting for the class to begin.
Bring a yoga mat, blanket or shawl, cushions to sit on.  It is important to be warm and comfortable.

We have limited space and although there is no cost to this gathering you must reserve a spot.

We will be doing this practice in my studio at 66 Dunbar Rd. South, Waterloo. Get ready, set your alarms and stay tuned. Bedhead and blurry eyes welcome. There is nothing like it and you are gonna love.
See you in the sunrise, Kasia( Seva  Akal)
We do Sadhana practice once a month.
Location: 66 Dunbar Rd. S., Waterloo, Ontario, CA, N2L 2E3