I have over 20 years of experience in Ontario and abroad in the field of bodywork. I am a graduate of Sutherland Chan School of Massage and have studied many other hands-on therapy modalities to integrate into my work as an RMT.  I also provide the traditional and sacred art form of nurturing, safe touch and anointing with oils in my practices

My work as a Massage Therapist is a remembering and a continuation of the lineage of the healing works of those great women.  I bring my unique skills in bodywork therapy and love of spirituality, yoga and music into my work as a massage therapist.  My hope is that through the nurturing touch of massage, we can connect, heal, relax, feel good and feel supported.  

Modalities I practice:

  • Massage Therapy – Sutherland School of Massage
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy – Certified through the Upledger Institute 
  • Thai Massage –  Trained in Chiang Mai, Thailand  
  • Flower Essences Anointing – Self-practiced