May 25th, 8 to 10pm.

Women, let us gather together as we once did and honor our energy, our voices, creativity, emotions, ourselves and each other and the great mother who holds us all. In this gathering we will do Kundalini meditations and explore a chosen topic together. The intention is to co-create a space where we can be seen and heard in our experiences as women, as human and connect and find belonging. Let us reclaim this practice of gathering together not only for ourselves but for our daughters, sons, community and planet. The Age of Aquarius is upon us and one of the touch stones of this age is the rise of the feminine to be healed and to heal all. It is our duty to step into this role as a community of women where ever we are, to be part of the transformation of this Age. Let us take the time to find, remember and touch sacred together.

Herbal tea will be served, bring a journal, a photograph of you as a young woman, and a favorite object should you have one you wish to share.

This gathering falls close to the full moon of May, and so we will explore the energy and stories of this time.

All ages and stages of woman hood are welcome, maiden, mother or crone.

Tickets in the shop or simply click here:

Where: at my home studio at 66 Dunbar Rd. South, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 2E3

The fine print: payment registers and reserves a spot in class, space is limited. Payment is non-refundable. Please inform me of any allergies, scent sensitivities or medical conditions that you think should be made known in order to create a safe and inclusive environment for this event.

Blessings, Kasia (Seva Akal Kaur)