8-9:30pm, Friday, May 4th, 2018

In this meditation night we will explore a powerful Jupiter meditation.  This is my current 40 day practice and I am so pleased to share it with you, it is a potent one.

The format of the class will be as such:  introduction to the chosen meditation and some verbal teaching about its concept. Some gentle, warm up exercises to prepare the body for the meditation and then the meditation itself. Also worth noting is that the meditation will be accompanied by inspirational music. The goal is to give people the ability to spend some time with the meditation, to sit with and see what it brings up, to feel it and gain experience with it. Meditation is an integral part of my practice and it has made such a huge impact on my life, it is where I sit and figure it out, remember it, find beauty, cry, smile, connect, break down paradigms and meet myself in the moment. Not all Kundalini meditations are physically easy and certainly to maintain seated cross legged position is challenging enough for an extended period of time. People will be asked to listen and honor the wisdom of their bodies and adjust their posture in a way that would serve them. This class is not movement based unless called for by the meditation itself. This evening is about sitting with yourself, with a focus (the intention of the meditation chosen), waiting, sitting some more and observing. To sit and be still and quiet is an integral human experience and it is so lovely to do it in a supportive, inclusive, non-competitive communal environment.

Where: at my home studio, 66 Dunbar Rd. S., Waterloo, ON

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The fine print: Payment reserves and registers you for a spot in class.
Space is limited.
Payment is non-refundable.