WHAT I Teach.

Yoga is a movement method that uses dynamic breathwork, physical postures, sound, mudra (hand positions), and meditation to harness the creative potential and energy of your mind, body and spirit and supports and benefits the whole person.

To be a more aware and conscious participant on this planet does not require you to give everything up and or move into a monastery and or isolate yourself from the real world.  Whether you raise the children, pay a mortgage, run a business, study, look after your family and friends, these are such an important contribution to the overall health and well being of this planet we call home. It is time in this Modern era to move beyond holding all of this responsibility from a place of stress, fear and scarcity.  

The blend of practices that I teach are about living right now, with all that we carry! We all want to feel better, experience less pressure, and to feel more balanced and fulfilled.  In in engaging in various movement and meditation practices we can experience more depth of breath, clarity, physical strength, and energy to withstand the intensity of this technological, modern age we are living in.   What we are doing here is unlocking and amplifying our skills, creative talents, natural abilities and life force.  We learn how to move the experience we have in the class beyond the mat and into our daily life’s.  It is about having practical experience of what it feels like to move and connect with your life force. 

The effects of the movement practices I teach can be felt immediately, you can feel it working.  Many of us in this day and age are searching for that something beyond the systems and paradigms that have been set out for us.

Come tune in, tune up, get radiant,  come have an experience.  Join us for the silence and the depth within.  You can do this practice.


It is the energy of human potential and you were born with it.  You have felt it too. It is your purpose, your curiosity to explore, learn and grow. It is what has infused you with the energy and drive to meet your goals and pursue your dreams and make it through the challenges of your life, however simple or profound they may be.

What does this mean? You have everything you need, you were born with it.  Yoga and movement based practices teach have the capacity to teach you how to harness what you have been given, mind, body, and spirit.  There is no mystery here, you are on the path and you do not have to shave your head, drape yourself in malas, and go live in a meditation cave or ashram.  This is a practice that celebrates and respects our diverse roles as guardians, caregivers, career professionals, and homeowners.  It is a method that recognizes that as householders we play an integral role in the health, well being, and awakening of consciousness in our lives, homes, communities, and the planet.  Kundalini Yoga gives you practical tools for radiant living that can be felt working in your life immediately. If you are called to practice with me, if you are curious that there is something more going on out there and within yourself come join me in class. Moving your body is practical, healing and benefits everyone. It provides you with an experience you can take home beyond the yoga mat.  



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