Mudra means seal or gesture of consciousness.  Mudras lock or seal in the flow of energy, think  of a closed circuit, cycling, cycling, cycling and containing energy.  We use Mudra in Kundalini Yoga.  It is one of the tools of non-verbal communication that goes beyond intellect and instead uses the body, specifically here hand positions to relay and contain the information, intent and energy of the position of the hand.
Gyan Mudra is a big one we all know. One of the classic Mudras of meditation across the spiritual smorgasbord. Known as the seal of knowledge, we press the thumb, representing earth, associated with foundation and ego to the index finger representing Jupiter, associated with spiritual expansion and wisdom. This Mudra is said to align us with receptivity, expansion and calmness, hence it’s predominant use in meditation practices. Children are naturally drawn to this Mudra and in fact, often use it as the universal posture and sign of what mediation looks like. Often when i teach kids, they excited share with me this Mudra in cross-legged, position with their eyes closed to show me that they know how to meditate and what it looks like. They are bang on.
With the enthusiasm of a child, let us all sit down at some point during the day and put ourselves in this position and see what happens. Our bodies are like a receptor or antenna tuning us into energy, frequencies, vibrations and most importantly to ourselves.
Mudra, lo-fi, easily accessible, free non verbal communication with self.

Invite yourself in this moment, right be still, to slow down, to take a moments break and breath and sit with this position.  No expectations other than this is your moment and a chance to connect with the most important person in your life…YOU! You are worth the time with yourself. Tr Enjoy and blessings to to you in this human experience that is uniquely yours.