One of my favorite quotes of all time comes from the legendary Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky and it is this, “beauty will save the world.”

This quote is not about trying to keep up with some artificially imposed construct of beauty. Rather it speaks to me of the beauty that just is, the beauty that is quite simply us, the earth and all that exits in the universe. Beauty is just there and ready for us to observe, be and experience, ever willing and open to serve our senses and souls. Beauty opens the mind, brings forth the spirit, delight and joy.

Remember the innocence and wonder of discovering something for the first time, something that took your breath away and fed your soul with the biggest exhale and sigh of relief and wonder. Beauty is the door where your spirit, soul, mind and body get dropped into the moment and there is nothing else but that which is before you. That is why music, dance, art, community, love, and nature are integral to our survival and well being. Beauty and connecting to it are our soul food. They connect us and remind us that the beauty we see outside of ourselves, resides and has its home within also. We are this beauty and connecting to this truth is our human capacity to save the world. Dear lovely human, you are beautiful because you are here.

The beauty in me, bows to the beauty in you.
Much joy and love, Kasia.