Kundalini Yoga instruction in Kitchener Waterloo

SOLAR: Summer Solstice Kundalini Gathering, June 21st.

SOLAR: Summer Solstice Kundalini Gathering, June 21st.

Here comes the sun!

Join us for our big, bountiful, beautiful Summer Solstice Kundalini Class at the Button Factory Arts in Waterloo, Ontario.

We all love these big group events and they just keep growing.  Let us grow some more, come together and celebrate the longest day and shortest night together.   Let us celebrate the strength and vitality of that life giving sun that sustains and warms.  This is the perfect time to rejoice and gather as a community.

All welcome ancient or new, experienced or not.  We are all in this together and that is one of the great jewels of this practice.  Everybody can do Kundalini Yoga and is welcomed too.  The name of the game is inclusion, non-competition, self-realization and the great vibes we create together, connecting us to the elevated feeling of belonging in group consciousness.

Kundalini Yoga works.  We love you and can’t wait to do this with you all.

A reminder that these events always sell out, so get your tickets today.June 21st, 7:30 to 9:30pm.

The Button Factory Arts, Regina Street, Waterloo, Ontario.

Free Municipal Parking is across the street from the venue.

Bring a mat, a cushion or blanket to sit on.

Ticket cost is non-refundable.