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Moon Lodge: Samhain Edition, October 26th

Moon Lodge: Samhain Edition, October 26th

Samahain, known to us as Halloween. Is a pagan celebration honoring our beloved departed ones. It is a time when the veil between the worlds is thinnest and thus honoring our ancestors at this time is particularly potent.
It is also a time to honor the old and dream the new. In the olden times Samhain was known as the Witches New Year. So join us and we shall tell stories of our ancestors and plant the seeds for new beginnings to contemplate and nurture in the coming dark hibernation of the upcoming winter season.

Samhain is my favorite festival within the pagan calendar. This is a time to remember our ancestors. Those who did what they did, so that we can do what we do. Who held their hopes and dreams in their prayers and actions. Let us come together and honor those who paved the way of our lives.
Gathering with intention and ritual is important as we weave the stories of our lives together.
Dress in what makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.
There will be some yoga movement, but this is not a Kundalini Yoga class.

This is a women’s gathering. Please bring a photo of an ancestor you wish to honor and a personal candle.

Tea and treats will be served.

Where: 66 Dunbar Rd South, Waterloo, Ontario

When: Friday, October 26th 8 to 10:30pm

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