New Winter Schedule 2021
Here we go!

Winter 2021 Registration is now on.

Welcome home and welcome back. Whether you are a first timer or a seasoned veteran, Kundalini Yoga is for you.  It is a practical and relevant practice for the times we find ourselves all navigating as a global community at this time.  Finding a way to be together in intentional ways is more important than ever before.  My wish is that these classes offer you sancturay, a place to ground and gain perspective. Join us in person or virtually, there is a space for you here to feel all the feels, learn, grow and find support.

 I am very grateful to be able to continue to offer classes in this community and beyond during these interesting times.  Music, movement, meditation and a curiosty for the human experience infuse every class experience.  Classes are small, relevant and real.  We have a opportunity right now to transcend what we think we know, what is “normal” and  go into the wilderness of  ourselves and our communal experience and create and forge new paths, understanding and ways of being.  We are the pioneers of this moment.   Let us hold and create space for each other.  See you in class. Kasia

Winter Schedule 2021

Virtual  Zoom Class 8 Week Session.

Tuesday Evening: 7:30pm to 8:45pm (unlimited space!) Zoom links will be sent out the morning of class.

Start Date: January 19th

End Date: March 9th

Class Cost: 171. 76(HST included)

Payment reserves your spot in class and is non-refundable.

NEW OFFERING: Friday Night Virtual Meditation Gatherings.

Unwind, relax, release and process the week.  A place to meet, let go, journey inward and get quiet. Week by week we will work with various meditation practices with and with out music.  This is going to be a regular on my schedule, more dates coming.

January 8th and 15th, 8 to 9:00pm, Zoom links sent out the morning of class.

Class Cost per class: 16.95(HST included)

Payment reserves your spot in class and is non-refundable.

Sign up for one or both meditation nights. Click on Offerings to register and purhase.

I will also be offering In Person Fireside Meditation Nights for a very small group of people stay tuned it for the release of those dates.

Full sessions, meditation nights and drop in class passes can be purchased on this site directly by Credit Card, by E-Transfer to or cash (please contact me to make arrangements).

If you require financial assitance to come to any of my class offerings, do not hestitate to contact me.  I make it a practice to offer my classes to people who need assistance in the moment.  With deep respect it is my honor and responsiblity to do so.

I encourage you to download Zoom to your PC or phone. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a few simple instructions, people can just click their way into a class without any extra help or tech.
It works best if you install the Zoom client software on your device (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever). If you follow the link above in a browser, look to the upper right hand corner for “Resources”, then select “Download Zoom Client”. Then when I send you the link to your class it will be seamless. Likewise, you can find the Zoom client in the Google Play store or App Store, and download to your handheld, if that’s the way you want to fly. Here’s the link again just in case:
I’ll repeat these instructions again when you get your individual class invitation.
What is awesome about this session is that I will be providing everyone with links to class each week of the session.

All are welcome, experienced or first timers. If you are called to do this practice, we are here for you. Join this beautiful growing community of belonging!!

Payment reserves your spot in class and is non-refundable.

Drop In Spots

Drop-in spots will be available throughout the session.  Drop in virtual spots can be purchased directly from this site. Contact me to let me know what date you are dropping in for at

Make Up Classes:   There will be no make up classes this session.  Any missed classes cannot be carried over into subsequent yoga sessions and or seasons.

All the love,
Kasia (Seva Akal)


Sadhana means daily spiritual practice and it is one of the foundations of Kundalini Yoga.   It is about dedicating and putting effort into your own deep personal connection and purpose every day.  It is the ultimate self-care and wellness practice.   It can be done alone or in a group.  For practitioners of Kundalini Yoga, the early morning hours (typically between 4 and 6 am or 2.5 hours before sunrise) is considered the most optimal time practice.  Known as the Amrit Vela or the ambrosial hours, it is a beautiful time of quiet and stillness before the hustle of the day gets started. Early morning Sadhana is about coming together as a community and doing our practice together.


Sadhana is a gathering, not a classic teacher/student class format and is free of cost practice. 

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Discover a workshop or a class that suits you. Kundalini can be for everyone. If you are called to do this practice, we are here for you.